Find Me


It’s the 13th year of affair,
72 months of fighting the snare
And I’m broken-hearted; I can’t see through what’s there,

will you show me the light?

Hey there Aurelius, have you been here before?
Flipping through pages,
Tearing through drawers,
All in the hopes that I’ll find something more,
Cause you’ve been there too.

Over and over and over again
I’m falling, I slip slide back and give in
But if there’s still hope in the pit that I’m in,
Will you show me?

I’ve had ninety-nine reasons to quit trying to try,
You had ninety-nine sheep, but you set out to find,
The one who you miss close by your side,

Come and find me tonight.

I keep settling for shells of skin,
But you came down to fill the flesh that I’m in,
A life waiting for me, a chance to begin,

be my beginning again.

I’m sorry for all of the things that I’ve done,
I’ll fall to my knees and lay down my guns,
Cause you bore the weight of my virtues and vice,
You carried them, killed them, and you redid my life.
I can feel you in each confession I pen
cause you want me right now, just as you wanted me then,
you died for the wayward, the evil and wretched,
You loved us as sinners, not the perfected.
You swallow my guilt up in your affection,

You are my cause, Lord,
You are my redemption.

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